Workshops by Terry Harris

Okanagan First Nation facilitator working
with Native communities and organizations

Upcoming seminars . . .

Beyond Assimilation Series

Assimilation hasn't worked, isn't working now and will likely never work. Our Native heritage is one of stability, honour, productivity and respect. Unfortunately, the old foundations of our culture have been torn away, only to be replaced with dysfunctional, abusive and destructive values of the dominant culture.

So, what to do? What's the next step? Where do we get ideas for another strategy?

Who will step forward to save what's left of our beautiful Native world?

Well. Who?

The following workshops are all dedicated to the one idea:
We, the community members, are the ways and means for community strength and health
The following seminars are dedicated to that premise.

Coaching Team Excellence

Coaching Team Excellence pdf flyer

Strategies for leadership and teamwork based on traditional Human Values.

Imagine being inspired by your support group.

How does it look when your staff takes all the right steps with great results?

Who wins when your team is happy and productive?

Let's Make a Movie!

Take a group of young people with a story to tell, train them to make that story in a video format and then it's showtime!

This is a basic video production training for young people. In it, they will learn basic skills and strategies to create a YouTube worthy digital story.

In addition to these skills, they will also learn self-reliance, teamwork, goal setting, critical thinking skills and generally enhance their self-esteem in many ways.

Sacred Tools—Core Facilitations Skills for Aboriginal Leadership

This is a training for facilitators/managers who will be working with Aboriginal communities around the world.
  • Learn to evoke the best from your groups
  • Discover you own capacity to empower others
  • Understand motivation for 'non-success'
  • Much, much more
In this training participants learn how to emotionally prepare for facilitating workshops in traumatized, toxic and generally disempowered communities.

Boys to Men—Recreating Meaningful Rites of Passage for Our Communities

A profoundly obvious change in the social development of our Aboriginal Communities since the European world was introduced is the coming of age ceremony. Much commentary has been repeated about the profound benefits of this simple ritual, but without much attempt to re-establish it into our value system.

In this workshop, we explore the possible benefits for Youth and Community in making a coming of age ceremony and how to actually make it happen. This event will require participation from the majority of the people of the village or reserve.

Parenting Powerful Children

There was a time when our Aboriginal families produced self-reliant, supportive and productive adults. Then, along comes assimilation and the 'modern world' that threatens to swallow our children, and culture, whole.

Here, participants gain clarity around who is really in charge of how our kids turn out and how to thoughtfully and realistically take back control.

Media Relations

We live in a world that defines itself by what is shown on television. Here Participants learn how to take control of any interview or news release, any reporter or editor. Press releases and their timing, plus some key practice sessions, 'under the lights'.

Managing Prosperity

In the First Nations' successful drive for improved living and prosperity, there are some basic issues that have been overlooked.

New sources of employment and development have opened up for us, but there still seem to be challenges around making newfound freedom actually work for us.

In this training, Participants will gain clarity and insight on how to make good times work for them and to not get caught in the usual traps that come with new prosperity or responsibility.

Good Fences - a Staff Integration Workshop

Imagine an organization based on mutual respect, shared values and matching goals.How much progress could be achieved? How much satisfaction could be derived from your group doing the best they can?Imagine an environment where conflict is quickly and easily resolved....

With this training, your group will learn these skills and more.

This staff/council/board workshop will define and integrate your staff/ teams' own inherent skills and resources into a tightly focussed beam of intention. Participants will learn how to get the results your organization needs, with ease, efficiency and a renewed sense of purpose.

General Lifeskills Topics such as:

  • Effective Communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Cultivating Esteem
  • Team Building

A detailed curriculum is available upon request.