Terry's Native Lifeskills Workshop FAQ

Lifeskills Workshop FAQs

Q.  What kind of group will work best with your presentations?

A.  I've had great success with such diverse groups as general Band membership oriented lifeskills trainings, Chief and Council retreats, youth groups, men's groups, women's groups and team building/focussing for staff and volunteers. Generally, the best number of participants runs between 10 and 15. Larger or smaller groups work equally well, but require slightly different logistics and preparation.

Q.  What is different or unique about your workshops?

A.  I bring a wide array of experience, training and education to the classroom where every minute together is considered golden - and we take every opportunity to grow and learn in a supportive, safe and adult atmosphere. My biggest effort goes into preparing an experience that is fun, challenging and of lasting value. My guiding principles in developing workshop training material are: #1 - it must be practical, and, #2 - It must make a difference that the participant came to this training.

Q.  Is the material culturally relevant?

A.  You will find the material presented in these workshops to be original, sensitive to local customs and absolutely empowering from a modern, educated and authentic Native perspective.

Q.  Will these workshops change me?

A.  No. You are fine just the way you are. And, you may discover a shift in your area of focus and that you are emphasizing very different aspects of your personality as a result of attending one of my workshops. In addition, you may also discover new levels of confidence and esteem from completing these exciting programs. Naturally, if a person maintains this newly empowered perspective, it follows that much change will come to your circumstances.

Q.  Will these workshops fix me?

A.  No. That's your job.

Q.  What's an average day like?

A.  Each day is designed to be a component of a larger learning objective, accumulating energy and depth as it unfolds. Along with challenging workshop material and highly informative handouts that will quicken your development, we will always have some lecture, always some group discussion of the topic at hand and always time for sharing. And, above all, there will be laughter, oftentimes at stories of insight and wisdom earned from our own foolishness. Well, mine, anyway...

Q.  Will I have to say or do anything embarrassing?

A.  Never. You are in complete control of your experience and how you present yourself. That said, I will always ask students to enjoy full participation and will challenge individuals to be at their best, always in a dignified and mature manner.

Q.  These workshops are usually fun and make people feel great for a while, but what about when they get back to the real world and have to deal with family members and circumstances that haven't changed?

A.  I know, it can be hard getting home to a community that hasn't enjoyed the closeness, bonding and understanding that comes from spending time with your group in a workshop. It can be very difficult to maintain that level of commitment you all enjoyed together in class. This is why I have emphasized training material with practical, 'take-home' strategies that can be applied effectively in real life situations. And, above all, strategies to reconnect with those parts of your own Being that will always be there, no matter what.

Q.  Will the workshop be hard?

A.  Sometimes. Most people find that the simplest parts are the hardest. Things like arriving on time, following directions, or, saying yes to more success and satisfaction. You know, workshop things.

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